October 18, 2018
  • Matapa Music and Arts Organization


Thank you for your interest in Matapa!
Matapa is an organization working to celebrate cultural diversity through the presentation of word music and arts, festivals and education, while establishing Hamilton and Burlington as vibrant cultural cities that promote the best in music and arts from around the world.


Board of Directors
Forsyth, Jessie (Treasurer)
Medakovic, Dan (Vice-President)
Reimer, Sharlee (President)
Siddiqui, Areej (Secretary)

Advisory  Committee
Neil, James
Shinwari, Marufa
Stevenson, Shaun

Executive & Artistic Director
Mabjaia, Filimone

Media & Communication 
Wassenberg, Anya

Matapa Music & Arts Organization
212 Balmoral Ave. N.
Hamilton, ON L8L 7S2
Phone: +1 289 700 9997