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Handy Tips For Amateur Wedding Photographers

In a couple’s life, a wedding is among the most important events. It should be memorable, and therefore as a photographer, you need to strive to give your clients quality photos. Experienced photographers understand this importance and so should you, even if you are an amateur photographer. This skill calls for one to spend time on detailed planning before the special day. Prompt preparation will ensure that everything goes well on the wedding day. Here are some tips for the inexperienced wedding photographer.

Spend time to understand the couple better

Before the wedding day, experienced photographers spend quality time knowing more about the couple. Therefore you should do the same. Understand how they met, for how long have they been courting, see if they already have children, and much more.

This information serves you as an inspiration to cover the event and writing a good story on your images. It would be nice if you also do their prenup photos as this not only serves as an opportunity for the couple to be even more comfortable with one another but also enables you to figure out their best angles.

Know your boundaries

Some wedding registrars may prefer to have certain parts of the wedding service not photographed for reasons only known to them. Maybe it can be distracting to the couple or audience, therefore ensure you know what you are allowed to shoot and what not to.

Also important is to ensure that your camera does not make beeping noises. It is also wise to know who else will be taking photographs on that day, and rather than competing with each other, work together to achieve excellent results.

Shoot in RAW
Weddings involve a lot of venues, some indoors and others outdoor; therefore, versatility in shots is essential. As an inexperienced photographer, shooting in RAW will ensure that your images have the right light despite the venue. Again, check on your memory to ensure that it is sufficient for the number of shots you need.

If you are unsure, then always be armed with an extra memory stick or a place to back up your photos as you continue shooting. Having an extra memory stick will let you shoot continuously without having to delete some photos. In the process of finding an unattractive photo to delete, you may be passed by best moments worth capturing.

Use multiple cameras

The use of multiple cameras with different lenses cannot be understated. A wide-angle lens, for example, is perfect for candid and tight angle spaces shots. If you can get a longer lens, say a 200 mm lens it will serve you better; therefore you need to have more than one camera.