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Tich Maredza Band – February 21, 2013

Tich Maredza
February 21, 2013
at ARTWORD Artbar

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Swooping down from the vast Zimbabwean plains, Tichaona Daniel Maredza, a guitar in one hand, a drum in the other, and an mbira in his teeth, arrived in Toronto in 2008. Singer, multi-instrumentalist, composer, he quickly formed a group in December 2009. The Tich Maredza Band hit the circuit hard, veterans in a matter of months.

Tich’s music, while rooted in Zimbabwean traditional styles, has a contemporary flair with vital drive and melodic intelligence. Indoors, outdoors, concert hall or dance hall, The Tich Maredza Band puts smiles on faces and feet on the floor. Two Zimbabweans, two US expats, and one Colombian make up this polyrhythmic Toronto ensemble of drums and guitars. Narrated and sung in Shona and English, Tich’s music chronicles the struggles and triumphs of his journey, in music and life.

While the TMB is presently working on honing material for a new album entitled “The Journey.” Tich has released two previous albums, “Eternity Music Volume One,” recorded in Australia, and “Ndinzweiwo,” recorded in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe. Tich has shared the stage with and opened for Oliver Mtukudzi and the late Samson Mtukudzi several times in the US and Canada and played with Thomas Mapfumo in Toronto in 2011. He draws inspiration from their leadership and music. You’ll find the Tich Maredza Band on Facebook, Myspace, and YouTube.